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TeraView Reveals Plans for Push into US Market

Cambridge imaging pioneer TeraView has revealed its plans to expand into the US as it seeks to push into the biggest pharmaceutical market in the world.

Probably best known for its technology for screening for plastic explosives and concealed weapons, the company has launched a revolutionary imaging machine aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, which it unveiled at a key US trade show recently.

The technology has a number of key applications within the industry, including checking that drug molecules do not change their structure as part of the manufacturing process, as well as checking for cracks in tablets.

TeraView Ltd is the world’s first company solely devoted to the commercial exploitation of Terahertz light. Terahertz light lies between microwave and infrared and represents the last unexplored region of the radio wave and light spectrum.

It has applications in screening and imaging in a number of markets.

Chief executive, Don Arnone said TeraView planned to establish a sales and marketing operation in New Jersey in the near future, with a technical function bolted on as demand requires. He said: “75 per cent of the pharma companies in the US are based between Boston and Washington DC, so New Jersey represents a strategically sound base for our operations.  “The total addressable market is valued at around £500m and we plan to have penetrated about 10 per cent of it within the next three to four years.”

The technology is being evaluated by US drug regulator, the FDA, with the possibility that the technology will be integrated into its own processes, in addition to a number of leading companies.