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TeraView Secures Iowa State University Order

TeraView has been awarded a contract by Iowa State University (ISU) to supply an integrated state-of-the-art terahertz system. The system, located within a terahertz research facility, will find use across a wide spectrum of science and engineering fields, including non-destructive testing, chemistry, biomedical and environmental engineering.

The award was made on the basis of the excellent performance of TeraView’s system and the company’s track record in demonstrating the benefits of Terahertz across a range of high value applications. ISU’s lead scientist on the acquisition, Dr. Thomas Chiou, found that “the performance of TeraView’s system and the integrated solution which the Company provided made it very attractive for our various needs.”

The system will utilise TeraView’s proprietary continuous-wave and pulsed systems integrated with a 3D gantry system to perform high-precision imaging both in reflection and transmission modes on samples from a few mm2 to 0.5m2. The unique qualities of Terahertz waves make the facility ideal to, for example, evaluate internal structures and coatings across a wide variety of composite materials and industries.

Don Arnone, CEO TeraView said “This was a real team effort and we are all very pleased to have won the order. As things move forward we look forward to working with researchers at Iowa State University. I am also pleased that this equipment will be used by them on internal and external projects, maximising exposure to the technology in the aerospace and other industries.”

Notes to Editors

In the aerospace and car industries people are increasingly moving to the use of complex composite materials. Similarly fault detection in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing is becoming increasingly challenging. All these industries could benefit from terahertz imaging. Terahertz waves are unique in their ability to penetrate into materials whilst also generating chemical and 3D physical data. They are also non-ionising which makes them safe to use. All this makes them ideal for these sorts of applications.

About TeraView

TeraView is the world’s first company devoted to the application of Terahertz light for spectroscopy and imaging. With applications in non-destructive testing, pharmaceutical drug development, electronics, medical imaging and defense, this technology has the potential to impact across a number of key industries. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, TeraView was spun-out of the Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory in April 2001. Sales and support are available throughout Europe, North America and the Far East either directly or through a network of distributors.