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TeraView Contract Analytical and Development Services

In the past we have been primarily a systems’ provider, but during recent times we have expanded our offering to include services based on our technology. This has been especially valuable on products where there is a functional coating such as a controlled release dosage form. Setting up of terahertz projects, have enabled companies to shorten their development times as well as keep drugs on the market by quickly diagnosing manufacturing and formulation problems. The great advantage of terahertz imaging and spectroscopy is that critical quality attributes can be directly probed without modifying or destroying the sample.

Offering project work has also showed a benefit to smaller companies as they can easily access the platforms without the need of capital outlay.

Finally, the company is also accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards and many pharmaceutical industries are now in the process of utilizing TeraView`s imaging and spectroscopy instruments for their QA work.

So if you have any of the following issues why not let TeraView help!

  • Polymorph detection/monitoring
  • Variable dissolution rates
  • A change in dissolution rates with a change in site or scale-up
  • Capping or De-laminations
  • Water or air ingress
  • Curing
  • Coating core interactions e.g. migration of reagents
  • Content uniformity
  • Cracks in coatings or the core
  • Capsule content interactions
  • Coating levels on beads