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First Terahertz Machine In India

TeraView, (http://www.teraview.com/) the pioneers and world leaders in terahertz technology are pleased to announce the installation of its first machine in India. The unit, believed to be the first “plug and play” terahertz machine in the whole of India, has been sold to Terascanning Pty. The highly flexible machine combines terahertz spectroscopy, imaging and a medical probe for R&D.

The machine will initially be used for research into cancer imaging, whilst also being available to run technology demonstrations and to provide an analytical service to other interested parties.

“We are very excited to have TeraView’s first unit here in India” said Ian Grundy, TeraViews SVP of Global Sales “Its presence will help people see the true potential of the technology and we are optimistic that this will generate further interest within India.”

Prof. Chouhan, the CEO of Terascanning said “I have been following the development of terahertz technology since 2003 and I am very excited to be partnering with TeraView and to be the first to bring this technology to India.” 

About Terahertz, TeraView and Terascanning

Terahertz sits in the electromagnetic spectrum between infra red and microwaves. Its unique properties allow the waves to pass inside of objects and to transmit information relating to composition and structure. The technology can be used for chemical analysis and to generate 3D images.

Such a unique capability has potential across a wide range of industries and applications. As world leaders in the area, TeraView now has machines in circa 15 countries and proven applications within pharmaceutical development, homeland security, medical imaging, semi-conductor fault analysis and inspection, and non-destructive testing.

About TeraView (www.teraview.com)

TeraView is the world’s first company devoted to the application of Terahertz light for spectroscopy and imaging. A spin out from Toshiba and Cambridge University in 2001, TeraView has been developing the technology across a number of areas, which include; medical imaging, electronics, defense and security, non-destructive testing and pharmaceuticals. Headquartered in Cambridge, sales and support are available throughout Europe, North America and the Far East either directly or through a network of distributors.

About Terascanning

Based in Secunderbad was established by Prof Ramesh Chouhan in 2010 to exploit terahertz technology in India.