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TeraView and Oystar Manesty Leads Consortium Developing Real Time Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

TeraView Ltd, Oystar Manesty and the Universities of Cambridge and Liverpool are using terahertz technology for the real time control of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

This will be approached using the terahertz sensor technology developed by TeraView Ltd to monitor critical quality attributes of pharmaceutical tablets in order to understand, measure and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes in particular tablet compression and coating. Such quality attributes include hardness, density, coating thickness, moisture content, particle size and temperature. The particular advantage of choosing terahertz technology for this application is its ability to analyse the internal structure of tablets and any coating structure around it in a quick and non-destructive manner.

The in-situ incorporation of terahertz technology into tablet compression and coating systems is completely unique in that no other technology can provide such internal structure information in a non invasive manner in real time. The technology will be able to sample a considerable fraction of the total tablets during production and actively feedback to the compression and coating systems to improve the product quality and reduce waste and development time. Teaming up with the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Liverpool and the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge with their background in advanced signal processing algorithms and terahertz expertise to analyse the information gained, both TeraView and OYSTAR Manesty will be able to generate the next range of advanced tablet processing equipment with the highest level of quality control.

The project is part funded by the UK Government Technology Strategy Board programme in encouraging innovation in novel technologies. This program is particularly orientated to addressing the FDA initiative in Process Analytical Technology for 21st Century pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Note for editors

Previous studies reviewing TeraView’s know-how and applications expertise, including the FDA’s “Delayed Release Tablet Dissolution Related To Coating Thickness By Terahertz Pulsed Image Mapping” have been published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and other leading pharmaceutical and scientific journals.

Terahertz light is unique in its ability to non-destructively image tablets and other dosage forms. X-ray and infrared frequently lack sensitivity or penetration and cannot produce such images without first destroying the tablet. TeraView currently works closely with blue chip customers in the pharmaceutical and other industries who are exploring the use of terahertz in product and process development and quality control of finished product in manufacturing.

About TeraView

TeraView is the world’s first company devoted to the application of Terahertz light for spectroscopy and imaging in pharmaceutical drug development and manufacture. TeraView’s technology can improve the quality of pharmaceutical products and decrease the risk of regulatory non-compliance, leading to potentially safer tablets and savings arising from faster times to market and volume production of higher quality, stable products. Other markets for the technology exist in early stage cancer detection, defense and industrial inspection which are explored via commercial partners. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, TeraView was spun-out of the Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory in April 2001. Sales and support are available throughout Europe, North America and the Far East either directly or through a network of distributors.