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TeraView Appoints Sector Technologies as Exclusive European Agent

TeraView (www.teraview.com), the pioneer and leader in terahertz solutions and technology is pleased to announce that it has appointed Sector Technologies (www.sector-technologies.com) as its agent in Europe for sales of its products into the Semiconductor Industry.

Based at the heart of the European semiconductor industry in Grenoble, France, Sector-Technologies’ focus is on the distribution and support of high-end failure analysis equipment. This focus aligns well with TeraView’s own and the launch of its EOTPR 2000. This high end terahertz time domain reflectometry (TDR) system is increasingly being used for the isolation of faults in complex IC packages.

“We are very pleased to have been able to partner with such an experienced and respected company as Sector Technologies” said Ian Grundy, SVP of Global sales, “To-date much of our semiconductor related customer activities have been focused on Asia and the US, and we are delighted to now have a partner to help us better serve semiconductor customers in Europe.”

“We believe that this partnership will be beneficial for our customers as it will complement our Solutions portfolio with a new high end Product containing leading edge technology. We are very excited to have TeraView’s Products in our portfolio, and look forward to representing them,” said Jean-Philippe Roux , President of Sector Technologies SAS.

The EOTPR 2000, TeraView’s main fault analysis product, was jointly developed with Intel. This product uses terahertz waves to non-destructively isolate faults within complex IC packages to an accuracy of 10 microns. With installations in N. America and Asia, TeraView is now looking to grow its customer base in Europe.


About Sector Technologies (www.sector-technologies.com)

Sector Technologies Sector Technologies SAS, a privately held company headquartered in Grenoble, France, is a provider of Sales and Services for high end technology Solutions. For more information on Sector Technologies, please visit www.sector-technologies.com.