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Terahertz Detection of Wavelength-Size Metal Particles in Pressboard Samples

Mar 29, 2016

Palka, N. ; Rybak, A. ; Czerwinska, E. ; Florkowski, M.


Results of a theoretical and experimental investigation of THz detection of randomly-oriented metal particles smaller than 1 mm embedded in pressboard are reported and critically compared with X-ray scanner results. A theoretical description based on Gaussian beam theory and a transfer function approach enabled simulation of signals transmitted around and reflected from real particles and was able to predict signal detectability. Simulated signals and detection limits were compared with experimental transmission and reflection time domain spectroscopy (TDS) raster scanning data. Simulated and measured pulse amplitude and shape were in agreement. Reflection mode was superior to transmission mode in terms of both particle visibility and hit ratio. Imaging of particles was also possible in “reflection in transmission” mode, which can be used to complement classical transmission mode. X-ray images did not detect the smallest particles sufficiently and, therefore, could not be used as reference data for comparison with THz data. The results demonstrate that TDS reflection scanning is able to determine the position of small metal particles and the technique could be possibly used for quality control of pressboard insulation.