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Articles & Papers

TeraView’s strong commitment to fundamental and applied THz research and development, combined with its drive to understand and interpret terahertz data, is represented in academic publications and international journals.

Terahertz Analysis of Phthalocyanine Pigments

Squires, A. D., and R. A. Lewis. "Terahertz Analysis of Phthalocyanine Pigments." Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 40, no. 7 (2019): 738-751.AbstractIn situ, non-invasive and non-destructive analysis of important artworks and cultural pieces is...

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Thin-Film SUEX as an Anti-Reflection Coating

Sahin, Seckin, Niru K. Nahar, and Kubilay Sertel. "Thin-Film SUEX as an Antireflection Coating for mmW and THz Applications." IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 9, no. 4 (2019): 417-421. Abstract We present a simple process for depositing SUEX dry...

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The Influence on the Q Value of the THz Metasurface

Sun, Han, Yaxin Zhang, Lan Wang, Shixiong Liang, Feng Lan, Kang Xue, and Ziqiang Yang. "The influence on the Q value of the THz metasurface from the tip charge accumulation coupling." IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 9, no. 3 (2019): 307-312....

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Guided wave mode conversion phenomenon in composite materials

Čermák, J., L. Mihai, D. Sporea, Y. Galagan, J. Fait, A. Artemenko, P. Štenclová, B. Rezek, M. Straticiuc, and I. Burducea.AbstractIn this paper results of numerical and experimental analysis of S0/A0 elastic wave mode conversion phenomenon at various discontinuities...

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