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Mechanical and laser impact effects on woven composites with hemp or glass fibres

Jul 25, 2016

Touchard, Fabienne, Michel Boustie, Laurence Chocinski-Arnault, Pedro Pascual González, Laurent Berthe, Davi de Vasconcellos, Luigi Sorrentino, Pawel Malinowski, and Wieslav Ostachowicz.



The purpose of this paper is to study the damage induced in “green” and synthetic composites under impact loading.


The study was focussed on epoxy-based composites reinforced with woven hemp or glass fibres. Six assessment techniques were employed in order to analyse and compare impact damages: eye observation, back face relief, terahertz spectroscopy, laser vibrometry, x-ray micro-tomography and microscopic observations.


Different damage detection thresholds for each material and technique were obtained. Damage induced by mechanical and laser impacts showed relevant differences, but the damage mechanisms are similar in both types of impact: matrix cracks, fibre failure, debonding at the fibres/matrix interface and delamination. Damage shape on back surfaces is similar after mechanical or laser impacts, but differences were detected inside samples.