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TeraPulse Accessories


P/N 030 – 9460

The PolyScan is a light-weight scanner capable of producing high resolution terahertz images and object mappings.

The PolyScan operates by scanning a single fibre-fed terahertz sensor to generate images, allowing for adjustments in the focal position to optimise resolution and image contrast. The unit is portable and light-weight (<20 kg), and can be positioned for an assortment of different imaging applications with the capacity to be mounted horizontally or vertically for maximum flexibility.

The PolyScan is used in conjunction with the TeraPulse 4000 system and a fibre-fed emitter/detector sensor pair, and is capable of scanning an area of up to 300 mm x 300 mm. The sensor head is mounted directly onto the PolyScan unit allowing for full control of the scan area, scan speed, and z position, with the ability to select different focal length lenses to optimise depth-of-field and resolution during image acquisition.

The design and build of the unit specifically addresses the issue of maintaining stability under varied operating conditions, and builds on TeraView’s substantial experience implementing terahertz imaging modules in the field.

Product Features

  • Light-weight portable unit.
  • Adaptable mounting options.
  • Different lens options allow resolution and image optimisation.
  • Scan area up to 300 mm x 300 mm.
  • 16 seconds per cm² scan rate and 1 mm step size.
Gantry construct Steel / Aluminium ballscrew
Footprint X: 560 mm Y: 580 mm Z: 260 mm
Weight Approximately 20 kg: can easily be lifted and manipulated by user
Scan area 300 mm x 300 mm
Scan rate 16 seconds per cm² at 30 Hz and 1 mm step size
Operation Horizontal or vertical for full flexibility
Dimensions 560 mm (W) 580 mm (L) 260 mm (H)
Other features Different focal lenses option (7 mm 18 mm optional) Levelling feet to align scan plane to sample Coarse and fine focusing of optics head to scan surface


Attenuated Total Reflection

P/N 030 – 9419

The module is available with a 35° incidence angle. Small amounts of sample are placed on the ATR crystal and measured directly with no sample preparation.  Solids, powders and gels can all be measured.

Variable Temperature (cooled) Sample

P/N 030 – 9425

The cell consists of a vacuum jacket with a refrigerant dewar/cell holder assembly and Z-cut quartz windows. Sample cells are inserted into the heating block part of the dewar/cell holder and the whole system is operated within a vacuum environment maintained by the outer jacket. Using a combination of refrigerant and cell block heaters any temperature from -190 °C to 250 °C can be achieved. Typically liquid nitrogen is used as the coolant.

Also available:

030 – 9423: Solid sample holder

030 – 9424: Liquid sample holder

030 – 9426: Vacuum pump kit

Cryostat Accessory

P/N 030 – 9428: Transmission

P/N 030 – 9429: Reflection (Requires 030 – 9428)

A cryostat specifically designed for material physics and condensed matter investigations can be supplied with the TeraPulse 4000. It enables THz spectroscopy to be performed on super/semi-conducting materials and many other sample types within a range of temperatures from 4 K to 300 K. In addition to the transmission accessory, a reflectance option is also available. A dry system is also available, contact TeraView or your local agent for more information.

Transmission Sample Holder

P/N 030 – 9416

The holder accepts a standard FTIR transmission sample cell. Powder samples are mixed with polyethylene powder and compressed into pellets and mounted in the sample cell for measurement. A liquid sample cell is also available (P/N 030 – 9427).

Reflectance Imaging Module

P/N 030 – 9430

This accessory converts the TeraPulse 4000 into an imaging system. Samples as large as 100 mm x 100 mm can be placed in the unit and raster scanned using a software controlled motorized scanning table. Areas up to 80 mm x 80 mm can be scanned with a user-selected distance between measurement points. Using the supplied TeraView analysis software, thickness maps and cross sectional images can be generated and physical features such as buried cracks, defects and air pockets can be non-destructively detected.

Electrically Heated Jacket Module

P/N 030 – 9421

The variable temperature cell is suitable for transmission measurements on liquid or solid samples. Temperatures can be set between ambient and 250 °C. The accessory comprises of an electrically heated cell jacket, electronic controller and a modified sample compartment cover for the TeraPulse 4000 to maintain sample compartment purge.

Also available:

030 – 9422: Heated cell module Chiller Kit

030 – 9423: Solid sample holder

030 – 9424: Liquid sample holder

Large Sample Gantry

P/N 030 – 9433

TeraView offers a range of gantries to enable imaging and spectroscopy across large areas (up to 2 m x 2 m). Gantries can also be custom-made to meet specific customer needs. The gantry system is ideally suited for non-destructive inspection and evaluation measurements as it can be used in reflection or transmission modes.  It allow material characterisation and precision analysis with thickness and density mapping. Provided with 50 mm working distance lenses and safety light guard as standard.

Also available: 030 – 9439: Rotary axis upgrade