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TeraView Global Agents

Details of our global Agents can be found below.
You can also contact TeraView directly here.

Semiconductor / Electronics

Location Name Email
China Walter Chen Contact
Singapore Martin Igarashi Contact
Taiwan Walter Chen Contact
South Korea David Kim Contact
USA Martin Igarashi Contact
UK / All other countries Martin Igarashi Contact

Agents for TeraPulse 4000

Location Name Email
China Frank Sun / 孙春峰 Contact
Czech Republic Martin Svoreň Contact
Egypt Dr. Hisham Imam Contact
India Deep Yewale Contact
Japan Takashi Kikkawa Contact
Kuwait Ron Paul Contact
Saudi Arabia Farhan Akhter Sheikh Contact
Poland Piotr Krasiński Contact
Romania Florin Russi Contact
Russia Alexander Galkin Contact
Singapore Kervin Low Contact
Taiwan David Tang Contact
South Korea Justin Lee Contact
USA (East Coast) Dr Tom Juliano Contact
UK / All other countries TeraView Limited Contact