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Articles & Papers

TeraView’s strong commitment to fundamental and applied THz research and development, combined with its drive to understand and interpret terahertz data, is represented in academic publications and international journals.

Detecting capacity of THz method applied to art painting

Olga A. Smolyanskaya1, Sergey V. Sirro2, Alexander V. Minin2, Toropov V. Yu.2, Olga V. Kravtsenyuk1, Anastasiya A. Lykina1, Alessia Portieri3, Phil Taday3, Donald D. Arnone3, Jean-Paul Guillet4, Vincent Detalle5, Michel Menu51ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, 197101...

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Defect Localization in Through-Si-Interposer Based 2.5D ICs

Gourikutty, Sajay Bhuvanendran Nair, Yew Meng Chow, Jesse Alton, Ratan Bhimrao Umralkar, Haonan Bai, Kok Keng Chua, and Surya Bhattacharya. "Defect Localization in Through-Si-Interposer Based 2.5 D ICs." In 2020 IEEE 70th Electronic Components and Technology...

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