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A terahertz in-line polarization converter based on through-via connected double layer slot structures

Feb 17, 2017

Woo, Jeong Min, Sajid Hussain, and Jae-Hyung Jang.


A terahertz (THz) in-line polarization converter that yields a polarization conversion ratio as high as 99.9% is demonstrated at 1 THz. It has double-layer slot structures oriented in orthogonal directions that are electrically connected by 1/8-wavelngth-long through-via holes beside the slot structures. The slots on the front metal-plane respond to the incident THz wave with polarization orthogonal to the slots and generates a circulating surface current around the slots. The surface current propagates along a pair of through-via holes that function as a two-wire transmission line. The propagating current generates a surface current around the backside slot structures oriented orthogonal to the slot structures on the front metal layer. The circulating current generates a terahertz wave polarized orthogonal to the backside slot structures and the 90° polarization conversion is completed. The re-radiating THz wave with 90° converted polarization propagates in the same direction as the incident THz wave.