Temperature-dependent Sellmeier equation at terahertz frequency range for 1 mol % MgO-doped stoichiometric lithium tantalate

Mar 6, 2017

Lee, K. S. ; Ko, D. K., ; Yu, N. E.


We first examined a temperature-dependent Sellmeier equation for the extraordinary refractive index of MgO-doped stoichiometric LiTaO3 (MgO:SLT) crystal via frequency-tunable narrowband terahertz (THz) generation at 0.4–1.8 THz and at a low temperature range of 80–300 K. The mean deviation of Sellmeier equation fit was less than 0.3%, being equivalent with the predicted measurement uncertainty of 0.3%. The temperature effect (dn THz/dT) was 2.02 × 10−3/K at 1 THz. Moreover, we showed the smaller birefringence for MgO:SLT than MgO-doped stoichiometric LiNbO3 at 300 K from THz time-domain spectroscopy. This study is crucial for material study itself and THz device engineering.