Nondestructive Imaging of Packaged Microelectronics using Pulsed Terahertz Technology

Oct 31, 2017

Tyler Bowman and Magda El-Shenawee


This work presents the use of terahertz reflection imaging for nondestructive evaluation of packaged microelectronics. Power MOSFETs and SRAM devices are placed in a pulsed terahertz imaging system in the reflection mode with an incident angle of 30°. From the received signal at each point on the sample under test, the internal structure of the device can be clearly seen. For transistors, terahertz nondestructive imaging has been successful in determining die size and location as well as the bond wire size, number, and connections. High-pass frequency filters are utilized to enhance the image quality for viewing the bond wires. In addition, the terahertz B-scans are used to determine additional information including the vertical position of the bond wires and the die inside the packaged device. For the SRAM, the terahertz nondestructive imaging shows similar effectiveness in defining the layout of the metal connections inside the package and the wire positions. Thus terahertz imaging is shown to have a strong potential for nondestructive evaluation of these devices.