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Thermally controllable filter at terahertz region

Jan 31, 2018

Shin, Hee Jun, Min-Cheol Lim, Sae-Hyung Kim, Kisang Park, Sung-Wook Choi, and Gyeongsik Ok.


We experimentally investigated terahertz (THz) filters fabricated using dodecanoic acid (DDA) particles and polyethylene (PE) by performing THz time-domain spectroscopy. Since the refractive indices of DDA and PE are the same in the THz range, no optical scattering occurred when they were mixed. However, heating caused air voids to replace the DDA particles, and the DDA melted into the spaces between the PE particles. Furthermore, as the DDA particle size, heating time, and DDA content increased, the THz band width became narrower. Based on the results, we propose a new, low-cost type of THz filter with a simple manufacturing method.