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Guided wave mode conversion phenomenon in composite materials

Apr 10, 2020

Čermák, J., L. Mihai, D. Sporea, Y. Galagan, J. Fait, A. Artemenko, P. Štenclová, B. Rezek, M. Straticiuc, and I. Burducea.


In this paper results of numerical and experimental analysis of S0/A0 elastic wave mode conversion phenomenon at various discontinuities in glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) panels are presented. Analysis of S0/A0 mode conversion effect at Teflon inserts simulating delamination and impact damage with energies 5 J, 10 J and 15 J is conducted………………..

The aim of its application is to indicate the depth of discontinuity and to prove that delamination was created in the case of impact damage. The auxiliary method is based on terahertz spectroscopy (THz) where the analysis of propagation of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz band is conducted. The THz spectroscopy is a useful technique for damage assessment in the dielectric materials.

… The THz spectroscopy could be also utilised for non-destructive testing of dielectric materials like GFRP [26], [27]. Terahertz spectrometer Teraview TPSSpectra 3000+ utilised during the research generates impulses in the frequency range from 0.1 – 3 THz