A Robust Protocol for In Vivo THz Skin Measurements

Apr 27, 2020

Lindley-Hatcher, Hannah, A. I. Hernandez-Serrano, Qiushuo Sun, Jiarui Wang, Juan Cebrian, Laurent Blasco, and Emma Pickwell-MacPherson. “A Robust Protocol for In Vivo THz Skin Measurements.” Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 40, no. 9 (2019): 980-989.


This work presents an experimental setup to control the way in which pressure interferes with the repeatability of in vivo THz skin measurements. By integrating a pressure sensor circuit into our THz system, it is possible to identify which measurements were taken within a previously specified pressure range. The live response of the pressure sensor helps to acquire data within the desired pressure leading to greater consistency of data between measurements. Additionally, a protocol is proposed to help achieve repeatable results and to remove the effects of the natural variation of the skin through the course of the day. This technique has been shown to be able to quantify the changes induced in the skin following the application of a moisturising skin product and shows the measured result to be significantly different from natural skin variation. This research therefore prepares the way for further studies on the effectiveness of different skin products using in vivo THz measurements.