Terahertz shielding properties of aero-GaN

May 7, 2020

Braniste, Tudor, Sergey Zhukov, Mircea Dragoman, Liudmila Alyabyeva, Vladimir Ciobanu, Martino Aldrigo, Daniela Dragoman et al. “Terahertz shielding properties of aero-GaN.” Semiconductor Science and Technology 34, no. 12 (2019): 12LT02.


The electrodynamic properties of the first aero-material based on compound semiconductor, namely of Aero-GaN, in the terahertz frequency region are experimentally investigated. Spectra of complex dielectric permittivity, refractive index, surface impedance are measured at frequencies 4–100 cm−1 and in the temperature interval 4–300 K. The shielding properties are found based on experimental data. The aero-material shows excellent shielding effectiveness in the frequency range from 0.1 to 1.3 THz, exceeding 40 dB in a huge frequency bandwidth, which is of high interest for industrial applications. These results place the aero-GaN among the best THz shielding materials known today.