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Low‐loss frequency selective surface for multi‐band THz transmission measurement

Jun 3, 2020

Yang, Xiaofan, Yonghu Zeng, Xiaoming Liu, Jun Zhou, Lu Gan, Hao Chen, and Junsheng Yu. “Low‐loss frequency selective surface for multi‐band THz transmission measurement.” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters.


Frequency selective surface is a key component in a quasi‐optical system enabling multi‐band operation. This work presents the design, fabrication and measurement of a low‐loss frequency selective surface in a quasi‐optical system for terahertz transmission measurement to separate 220 to 260 GHz and 325 to 340 GHz bands. High‐precision milling technique was employed for fabrication. The measurement was conducted using a terahertz time domain spectroscopy and a home‐made quasi‐optical test bench. Good agreement was achieved between the measured results and simulated ones. The design and measurement methods can be applied to frequency selective surfaces working in other millimeter wave bands.