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Contactless Terahertz Paint Thickness Measurements: specificity of aeronautics industry

Jun 4, 2020

Chopard, Adrien, J. Bou Sleiman, Q. Cassar, P. Fauché, J. P. Guillet, P. Mounaix, M. Pan, J. B. Perraud, and A. Susset. “Contactless Terahertz Paint Thickness Measurements: specificity of aeronautics industry.” (2019).


We report on numerical developments for the analysis of multilayered structures and the extraction of individual layer properties obtained by terahertz time domain measurements. An iterative algorithm implements a connected propagation tree which denotes the occurrence of the incident pulse division for each reflection / transmission appearance at each interface encountered during the propagation. Each sub pulse is individually monitored and its carried proportion of the incident power is extracted. Such a process allows to obtain the specific dielectric properties of each layer but additionally permits to derive a parametric transfer function describing the whole interaction with an incident beam. Procedure results performed on aeronautics multilayered painting samples are reported.