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Guided terahertz pulse reflectometry with double photoconductive antenna

Jun 8, 2020

Pan, Mingming, Quentin Cassar, Frédéric Fauquet, Georges Humbert, Patrick Mounaix, and Jean-Paul Guillet. “Guided terahertz pulse reflectometry with double photoconductive antenna.” Applied optics 59, no. 6 (2020): 1641-1647..


Developments toward the implementation of a terahertz pulse imaging system within a guided reflectometry configuration are reported. Two photoconductive antennas patterned on the same LT-GaAs active layer in association with a silica pipe hollow-core waveguide allowed us to obtain a guided optics-free imager. Besides working in a pulsed regime, the setup does not require additional optics to focus and couple the terahertz pulses into the waveguide core, simplifying the global implementation in comparison with other reported guided terahertz reflectometry systems. The system is qualified for imaging purposes by means of a 1951 USAF resolution test chart. An image resolution, after a 53 mm propagation length, by about 0.707 LP/mm over the 400–550 GHz integrated frequency band, was obtained, thus providing a promising basis to pursue efforts toward compact guided pulse imagers for sample inspection within the terahertz range.