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TeraView receives distinguished Technology Innovation Leadership Award

TeraView is pleased to announce that it has won the distinguished Technology Innovation Leadership Award presented by industry specialists Frost & Sullivan.

The award is in recognition of TeraView’s global leadership in fault isolation and analysis using TeraView proprietary EOTPR (Electro Optical Terahertz Pulsed Reflectometry) tool in advanced packaging used by major semiconductor companies. The Award also recognizes TeraView’s potential to develop important building blocks for future 6G networks, as well as test & measurement tools for these networks.

In bestowing their Innovation Award to TeraView, Frost & Sullivan commented in their report that ‘Our on-going analysis of the semiconductor industry observes that the manufacturing process of semiconductors is undergoing transformation through the adopting of terahertz technology, which allows for fault isolation during and after the manufacture of a product. We also believe that with its strong leadership in terahertz technology, TeraView shows immense potential to accomplish the development of terahertz systems for 6G communication. For its strong overall performance, TeraView is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award’.

Dr Don Arnone, TeraView’s CEO, commented ‘We are honoured to receive the award from Frost & Sullivan, which involved a wide-ranging survey of the terahertz market and major players. Our leadership in the current market for the inspection of advanced semiconductor packaging using TeraView’s EOTPR product is fundamental to our business and something of which we are immensely proud.’

Professor Sir Michael Pepper, TeraView’s Scientific Director, comments ‘We continue to innovate, both in terms of our developing our core terahertz emitter-detector technology, as well as opening up new markets such as 6G wireless communications with this technology. We are pleased what Frost & Sullivan have also recognized our leadership in this early stage but immensely important market. The dedication and expertise of the team at TeraView has already opened up a number of new markets in automotive paints and semiconductor packaging in close collaboration with our customers, and we look forward to continuing this tradition in new markets such as 6G.’