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New study demonstrates fast and robust TeraSolve system

TeraView is pleased to announce the release of a joint study into the impact of process variations in tablet processing on tablet disintegration by non-destructive at-line terahertz porosity sensing.

The study, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge & CMAC (University of Strathclyde), showed that results from using the TeraSolve system were fast, robust, non-destructive and required no chemometric methods to be employed.  Dr Prince Bawuah from the University of Cambridge recently presented results at the International Forum for Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC 2020) in his paper entitled  “Insight into the impact of compaction process variations on tablet disintegration by non-destructive at-line terahertz porosity sensing.”  Results of this work were obtained using TeraView’s groundbreaking TeraSolve system.  This instrument is able to measure a large number of samples in a short time, (10 tablets per minute), compared with destructive disintegration testing which would take serval hours.

Dr Don Arnone, TeraView’s CEO, commented ‘The joint study here with the Universities of Cambridge and Strathclyde are a good example of TeraView’s long-standing commitment to work with world leaders in the field to advance the science behind the use of terahertz in the pharmaceutical industry. Focus on the science behind terahertz applications through close work with academic collaborators is an important component of our business.’

Dr Phil Taday, TeraView’s Head of Applications, commented ‘The TeraSolve instrument was developed as the result of funding from an IUK project.  It allows for a large number of tablets measured which makes outliers identification possible, allowing for rapid diagnosis of product issues.  A number of large pharmaceutical companies have shown considerable interest in the system.’

Axel Zeitler, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, comments ‘Terahertz technology opens some exciting opportunities for sensing in pharmaceutical processing. We are delighted with this recent work to develop a unique solution that provides our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry with physical insight to develop and manufacture the high-quality products needed for the sustainable supply of medicines that will benefit patients around the globe.’

William Bertram, Huxley Bertram’s Co-founder and Director, commented ‘More and more of Huxley Bertram’s Compaction Simulator clients have been expressing an interest in terahertz technology capability. Hopefully this joint collaboration will lead to groundbreaking benefits to our clients and ultimately patients around the world.’ 

The presentation is available to view online here.