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TeraView and ACE Solution receives the first order of EOTPR system

TeraView is pleased to announce a sale of the Company’s proprietary Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) Platform to a leading independent failure analysis lab in Taiwan, through TeraView’s Taiwanese distributor ACE Solution. The EOTPR technology has been sold to many FA labs of leading semiconductor companies and OSATs around the world, but this is the first time an independent FA lab has purchased the technology.

Mr. Steve Hsu, CEO of ACE Solution commented on the sale: “We are pleased to offer the EOTPR technology to another fine Taiwanese technology company as part of ACE Solution’s portfolio of advanced technology offering. We have been working closely with TeraView to ensure that our customers are well supported in Taiwan.”

Dr Don Arnone, Chief Executive Officer of TeraView, commented: “Selected by a leading independent FA lab, this EOTPR purchase signifies that the EOTPR technology is recognized as not only a productive technology but also it helps our customers to be more profitable. We are also pleased to increase our installation base in Taiwan.”

Martin Igarashi, TeraView’s Vice President of Semiconductor Business, further added “This EOTPR 3000 system sale to a major independent FA lab has a significant meaning to TeraView and the failure analysis industry since the EOTPR technology is recognized as a de-facto industry standard in advanced IC package fault isolation solution, and it is proof that independent FA labs can use the technology to promote their business.”


Boasting a 5 µm fault isolation accuracy, TeraView developed the Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) technology with Intel and launched in 2010. This product has been accepted by the semiconductor packaging industry as the de-facto standard for isolating faults in the advanced IC packages, and TeraView has shipped many systems around the world to major semiconductor and OSAT companies since its inception.

About TeraView

Founded in 2001, TeraView (https://teraview.com/) is the world’s first and leading company solely focused on the application of terahertz light to provide solutions to customer issues. A spin out from the Toshiba Corporation and Cambridge University, TeraView has developed its proprietary technology across a number of markets. These include fault analysis and quality assurance for semiconductor chips used in mobile computing and communications, as well as non-destructive inspection of high value coatings used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and solar industries. With the largest number of systems in the field, as well as applications know-how made available to customers via a team of dedicated scientists using intellectual property and knowledge in peer-reviewed scientific publications, TeraView is uniquely placed to deliver the business benefits of terahertz to customers. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, sales and customer support are available throughout the Far East, North America and Europe either directly or through a network of distributors.

About ACE Solution

Founded in 2000, ACE Solution is located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan with branch offices in Suzhou and Shenzhen in China. Our mission is to provide customized test solutions to meet customer needs in electrical components, devices and system manufactures, as well as providing technology solutions through our partners. We are focused on RF, mmWave and terahertz with the expert technical support team. ACE Solution provides professional, innovative and multi-functional integrated techniques and solutions.

ACE Solution’s web site can be found here.