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Enhanced dielectric and conductivity properties of carbon-coated SiC nanocomposites

Aug 30, 2021

Huang, Feirong, Shuting Fan, Xiyang Li, Xinghao Qu, Yuqi Tian, Xuefeng Zhang, Zhidong Zhang, Xinglong Dong, and Tun Cao. “Enhanced dielectric and conductivity properties of carbon-coated SiC nanocomposites in the terahertz frequency range.” Nanotechnology 32, no. 26 (2021): 265705.


C-coated SiC nanocomposites (SiC@C NCs) were one-step synthesized under a mixture atmosphere of Ar and CH4 using a DC arc-discharge plasma method. The microstructure of the composites could be controlled by varying the volume ratio of Ar and CH4. A strong response to the terahertz (THz) field was observed due to the existence of a graphite shell. The dielectric properties of SiC@C NCs can be enhanced by altering the thickness of the graphite shell. The thicker graphite shell results in a stronger absorption of THz waves and an enhanced real part of conductivity. Fitting the measured conductivity data using the Drude–Smith model reveals that the carrier transport in the SiC@C NCs and its counterpart, the SiC nanoparticles, is dominated by backscattering. The SiC@C NCs with enhanced conductivity are believed to be fundamental materials for various functionalized optoelectronic devices.

Full paper can be viewed here.