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TeraView to attend Photonics West 2022 with Calmar Laser

TeraView is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Photonics West 2022 in partnership with Calmar Laser.

TeraView’s Head of Applications, Dr Philip Taday, will be in attendance to discuss all things terahertz, including TeraView’s latest product aimed at the future telecommunications industry, the 6GSolve. The module is powered by TeraView’s TeraPulse Lx instrument, which contains a Calmar laser inside.

TeraPulse Lx and 6GSolve system


The event will take place on 22 – 27 January 2022 in San Francisco, USA.  
Please stop by booth 3456 in the Moscone Center, Halls D/E 25 – 27 January.

Dr Don Arnone, TeraView’s CEO, commented ‘The 6GSolve system has been developed in close collaboration with our customers to deliver information on materials and devices destined for use in future 6G networks. Carrying on our 25 year tradition of supplying tools and solutions to develop the terahertz spectrum, 6GSolve is a key step towards supporting the development of 6G technology and delivering the immense promise of 6G to the market. We are also very pleased to introduce the instrument in collaboration with partners at Calmar Laser, a leader in the ultrafast laser market.’

 Dr Philip Taday, Head of Applications, comments ‘TeraView is pleased to be able to attend its first face-to-face conference in almost two years.  During that time we have developed the 6GSolve, an instrument that allows for characterization of materials beyond 5G.’

 Dr Tony Lin, Founder Calmar Laser, comments ‘We are excited to be back live and in person at Photonics West to show off our latest product developments from the last two years.  It’s especially rewarding that our partners from TeraView will join us to present their latest innovation in terahertz instrumentation.’

About Calmar Laser

 Calmar Laser (https://calmarlaser.com/) is a US-based, ISO 9001:2008 developer and manufacturer of innovative ultrafast fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions for OEM, B2B, industrial, medical and scientific applications.

 Since 1996 Calmar Laser (then Calmar Optcom) has served universities and research institutions with leading-edge ultrafast fiber laser platforms. Its compact, robust designs have also enabled long term partnerships with customers in the fields of advanced high-speed test and measurement, optical communications, biomedicine, component characterization, semiconductor metrology, ophthalmology and micromachining. Today, Calmar continues the tradition of technology leadership with its unique range of ultrafast fiber laser platforms designed for simple, hands-off, reliable operation.