TeraView launch a new product to address the growing needs in advanced IC packaging

TeraView is pleased to announce the launch of the purpose-built integrated circuit package inspection system, the EOTPR 4500.

Dr Jesse Alton, Semiconductor Product and Applications Manager at TeraView commented “The key feature of the EOTPR 4500 is the auto prober technology we developed to meet the challenges of the most advanced IC packaging technology by accommodating the substrate size of up to 150mmx150mm while improving the probe tip placement accuracy to +/- 0.5 µm.  The new auto prober enables our customers to probe very large chip-let devices with the landing contact size of less than 5 µm such as copper pillars and TSV tips.  We closely collaborated with a major advanced packaging customer to develop this product, and the product has completed a rigorous beta site testing period at this customer site to ensure that the new product is production ready.”

Martin Igarashi, TeraView’s VP of Semiconductor Business, commented “We have realized most of the probe stations are inadequate to meet the demand of the IC packaging probing which is quite different from the wafer probing since wafer surfaces are completely flat. What this means is that the wafer based probe stations can crush or stress the probing points such as TSVs, or they need to land the probe tip painfully slow to avoid introducing artefacts into the target sample. This product enables our customers to isolate faults in their most advanced IC packaging devices while taking advantage of EOTPR’s industry leading sub-5 µm distance-to-defect capability. It also offers a device under test (DUT) heater that goes up to 250 °C, which means a customer who are working on advanced graphics engines or autonomous driving AI engines can now isolate faults on their devices while simulating the working conditions of these devices.”

Dr Don Arnone, TeraView’s CEO, commented “This is another first from TeraView to introduce a product that is purpose built for very demanding advanced IC packaging market.  We are pleased to have a close collaboration with a major customer to develop this product, and we are quite confident that this product will set a new standard in advanced IC packaging failure analysis. Combined with TeraView’s TeraCota automotive paint thickness inspection system, TeraView can address the growing needs of the automotive IC industry with this product.”

The EOTPR 4500 is available to purchase now, and the lead time of this product is 27 weeks ARO.