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Articles & Papers

TeraView’s strong commitment to fundamental and applied THz research and development, combined with its drive to understand and interpret terahertz data, is represented in academic publications and international journals.

New Imaging Spectroscopy Facility at UWA

 The University of Western Australia’s Physics Department boasts a new imaging and spectroscopy facility that has the potential to transform crude oil production and refinery processes.Cutting edge technology is a priority for oil and gas companies who face an...

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Frequency domain penetration loss in the terahertz band

Kokkoniemi, Joonas, Janne Lehtomäki, Vitaly Petrov, Dmitri Moltchanov, and Markku Juntti.AbstractResults on penetration loss measurements in the THz frequencies between 0.1-2 THz are reported. The measurements were conducted with time domain spectroscopy using the...

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