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Articles & Papers

TeraView’s strong commitment to fundamental and applied THz research and development, combined with its drive to understand and interpret terahertz data, is represented in academic publications and international journals.

A Stretchable Terahertz Parabolic‐Shaped Metamaterial

Xu, Zefeng, and Yu‐Sheng Lin. "A Stretchable Terahertz Parabolic‐Shaped Metamaterial." Advanced Optical Materials(2019): 1900379. Abstract A stretchable parabolic‐shaped metamaterial (PSM) coated onto polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is proposed and demonstrated for...

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Optimization of THz diffractive optical elements thickness

Surma, Mateusz, Izabela Ducin, Maciej Sypek, Przemyslaw Zagrajek, and Agnieszka Siemion. "Optimization of THz diffractive optical elements thickness." Photonics Letters of Poland 10, no. 4 (2018): 115-117.AbstractDiffractive optical elements (DOEs) are strictly...

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