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Investment accelerates terahertz technology deployment

TeraView is pleased to announce that it has secured $6M of funding from existing and new investors, including Wonik Investments, Pathfinder H and Ingenious, to further accelerate product & technology development, customer support, and sales & marketing by the...

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TeraView launches high-performing terahertz system

TeraView, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest high performance terahertz system, the TeraPulse Lx. The new system was unveiled to a packed IRMMW (Infrared and mm-wave) conference in Paris recently, with the small lightweight unit being well-received by the...

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Terahertz Solutions for Industry 2019

TeraView will be presenting at the Terahertz Solutions for Industry workshop in France, 2019.Full details of the event along with registration details can be found below. For further details contact: patrick.mounaix@u-bordeaux.fr (tel 05 4000 2602)....

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